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Life Led Business®

Be Happier

Be Happier

Discover the formula that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs take the first step towards a happier business and life.

Discover the formula that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs take the first step towards a happier business and life.

Imagine Your Future State

What could happen?

The Life Led Business® Programme offers a refreshing perspective on entrepreneurship for those who feel overwhelmed or dissatisfied with traditional business approaches.

When life leads business, direction is clearer, and returns on investment are higher. By prioritising personal values and goals, entrepreneurs can enjoy the process of building a business and create a better life for themselves and their families.

Watch founder Elliot Forte explain what you can expect to learn on the Life Led Business® Programme.

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Business training

Map the Future State

Understand what it means to be enterprising. Learn useful tools to stay in the right mindset and translate business objectives into happiness goals.

More business training

Core Contributors

Learn essential tactics to improve marketing, sales, process improvement, people management, and finance—key contributors to success.

Even more business training

Make it happen

Discover a simple system to direct your business more effectively, avoiding strategic drift and unnecessary stress. Learn collaboration tactics.

About Life Led Business®

If you feel lost or stressed in your business ...

Elliot Forte has spent 30 years helping thousands of people like you. In 2015, the EU Innovation initiative contracted Elliot to create a process to tackle the lack of innovation among business leaders. After seeing many capable people struggle with business growth, he realised the missing element was a simple method to increase happiness and motivation in business, the two key ingredients of enterprise.

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Potential return on investment?
Increase in understanding of innovation principles?
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Source: Survey of business leaders completing the Life Led Business® process (formerly Game Change) for the EU Innovation Initiative project in 2015.


Learning Content

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Life Led Business® *

Re-examine your life goals and how your business should contribute to that journey. Learn to map out a Future State to happiness.

Know Yourself

Understand the optimal enterprise state. This module covers entrepreneurship and provides tools to improve your business skills.

Strategically Important

Avoid feel-good-failure by identifying the four strategically important actions needed for success.

Core Marketing

Learn essential tactics to simplify and enhance sales and marketing.

Core Process

Develop lean processes and systems to save time, eliminate waste, and optimise profit.

Core Finance

Understand financial performance and make improvements to profitability.

Core People

Maximise the potential of your team, whether employees or partners. Manage your time effectively.

Making It Happen

Learn the fundamentals of company direction and implementing strategy.

Making Business Friends

Create productive strategic relationships with key business people using collaboration tools.

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Started in 2000 and rebranded as Business Think in 2011, our organisation has advised over three thousand customers one-to-one on strategy and growth, while delivering training to thousands more across the UK and beyond.

View case studies illustrating how the Life Led Business® methodology has driven business growth for UK and international clients.